Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Life Coach

Radio/TV Personality


Specializing in clients who are facing obstacles dealing with career decisions, relationships, self-esteem, and self worth, just to name a few. Every client served is treated with dignity and respect. The approach used in through the NTU Psychotherapy method which is proven successful. 

'Specializing in Results without The Excuses'


The Sinclair Grey Show is seen  on Tuesdays at 7pm. With a large audience of listeners, Dr. Grey interviews top executives in their field to provide empowering information to a wide range of listeners from all walks of life.

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Areas Covered: 

- Self Esteem

- Motivating Sales Staff

- Leadership Training

- Conflict Resolution

- Goal Setting (Short and Long Term) 

- Group Facilitation (For profit and non-profit)

Available to speak at businesses, churches, civic organizations, and fundraisers