Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Success Coach

Business Trainer:

* How to Network Effectively

* How to Follow Up

* Building Confidence With Clients

* Customer Retention

Success Coach:

Specializing in clients who are facing obstacles dealing with career decisions, relationships, self-esteem, and self worth, just to name a few. Every client served is treated with dignity and respect. The approach used in through the NTU Psychotherapy method which is proven successful. 

Businesses don't succeed because they fail to market, advertise, and engage their customers. As a business trainer, I help companies get recognized nationally. By doing an analysis of a companies goals and objectives, I assist in putting together a strategic plan for growth. 


Areas of Concentration:

* Building A Healthy Self-Esteem

* Motivating Sales Staff

* Leadership Training

* Conflict Resolution

* Goal Setting

* Group Facilitation (Corporate and Non-Profit)